Flyhigh Works is now celebrating the launch of Cytus α, the latest rhythm music experience from Rayark (VOEZ, Deemo) to come to Nintendo Switch.

Cytus α is available globally on Nintendo Switch eShop from 25th April, priced at $49.99USD / €49,99 / £44.99 with regional variations. Flyhigh Works has also released the game at retail in Japan, and our partners PM Studios will distribute the game at retail on 14th May in North America; equivalent details for Europe will be announced soon.

Cytus α is the definitive edition of Rayark’s global hit, delivering over 200 songs and a memorable rhythm music experience.

You play by focusing on the rhythm of the music. “Notes” (circular icons) and lines represent the music, with varied movements and interactions. With the right timing you TAP, DRAG and HOLD notes to earn the best possible score, using either the touch screen or a controller; a metronomic line also provides a visual clue for hitting ‘excellent’ notes. The Notes are dynamic and reflect the energy of the music; it’s a visually captivating experience.

Cytus α is also driven by its story – you advance through Chapters to unlock more songs but also the memories of the Operator, learning more of the narrative as you play. This title also exclusively includes songs originally made for Chapter Ω, as well as a fully revamped user interface!

In addition to unlocking music, challenges and the story, you can engage in Online Score Battles in all songs, which is another way to earn unlocks. Practice your technique and then try to beat online rivals!

With incredible music, visuals and gameplay, Cytus α is a rhythm masterpiece from Rayark that shouldn’t be missed.

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