I’m stood on a stone platform with some kind of light illuminating across the stone. There are tall hills surrounding me. I wonder what is on the other side of them. As I make my way up one of the tallest ones an orange blob jumps up at me. I run as fast as I can to get away from it but suddenly there is no ground under my feet and I am falling.

The Fracture has tore the world apart and now you need to travel through portals to different areas of what is left of the earth to gather area specific materials. The beautiful areas are filled with detail that is designed perfectly for each area and each have a range of enemies that are between you and the portals.

The game feels like a good mix of Minecraft, for its block feel and building, and the crafting style of Conan: Exiles where you need certain crafting tables to make specific items. It has a really good RPG element to it which makes leveling up fun and the attribute points makes your character adjustable to what you want.

There is an online game mode and offline mode as well so that if you want to play alone or have bad internet the offline mode is really useful. After creating your character you are asked what size world you would like to explore. If you go for the large one and want to play online you might want to have good internet if you’re having all four players in your server.

I really like the amount of cosmetic items that you can change when creating your character. There are lots of hairstyles, facial hair, skin colours, hair colours and facial features to choose from which can make your character look unique.

There are three classes to choose from which makes it quite repetitive when playing with friends online due to two people will be the same class. However, there are a lot of options during level up and different weapon/ spell types that can be used to make your characters play differently. This freedom is very useful so your character has an impact on the game.

The Ranger class is focused on ranged damage from a bow and bombs. The Mage class uses a range of magic including: fire spells, healing spells, poison spells and many more. The Warrior class introduces a tank/ damage character who uses swords and axes to damage their enemies. Each class feels unique.

I would normally play ranger or mage character but I thoroughly enjoyed playing as the warrior due to the fighting style. When you go into combat you can lock onto enemies and enter a cinematic style fighting screen which is much like For Honor’s lock on fight screen. The only issue I had with this screen was that you couldn’t see enemies getting close behind you and sometimes when I was dodging attacks I’d end up rolling off a cliff.

Overall the game is very fun and interesting. I liked the building in the game. It was much more visually appealing as some blocks will change appearance if you put them into a formation which creates a nice effect. I liked that each class had a different crafting table and you have to work to build up your character. The online play was smooth and easy to set up.

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