I push my way through the branches and come out into an opening in the forest. I look at all the stunning flowers that cover the floor and the vines that cling to the rock faces. I hear a branch crack in the distance and in a matter of seconds I am surrounded by Jargas. They charge forward and knock me back into a wall. Sharp white shining teeth are the last thing I see.

Monster Hunter World is a very expansive world where there are lots of enemies, places to explore and a lot of character customisation. There are a lot of character features that you can edit to make them very unique. I really liked all the options because I was able to make a character very unique even down to different coloured eyes and how your palicoe looks.

The game looks visually stunning. The developers have put a lot of effort into even the smallest details. If you look out into the ocean you can see the waves crashing up against the rocks. I thought this was used extremely well to make the world more realistic and immersive for the player. The creatures have also had a lot of work put into their design and have a huge attention of detail which can make them look even more intimidating.

The exploration part of the game is enjoyable and doesn’t feel too repetitive. It is also very rewarding because you can gather items that will give you an advantage in the next mission. I really enjoyed finding herbs that I could use to make new coatings for my arrows so I can use status effects more frequently in battle.

There are lots of weapon options available to you so you can play with any of those that suits your play style. You gather the materials used in crafting and enhancing weapons by defeating the creatures. Each weapon has its own requirements and as soon as you have the materials needed you can craft that weapon. I liked this because you are not limited to a certain weapon like in other games.

The fighting is very fast paced especially with the smaller monsters because they group up. The larger creatures are very intelligent and very exciting to fight. If they are losing they start to run so you have to keep chasing them or track them. Then when they find a small group of creatures they use them to attack you to gain an upper hand.

If you are struggling with an enemy you can send out a flare to get help from strangers or you can search for SOS calls and help out other players. This feature was amazing because you can learn from other players. I had no idea how to fight the Giant Jargas but after teaming up with people three times I can now fight them on my own.

One of the more interesting parts of the game and one of the most important is keeping a record on each of the creatures that you fight. The more you fight enemies the more you find out about them and their weaknesses. I liked this feature mostly because you could find out what elements and weapons they are weak to but also because it felt like your battles had a purpose.

Overall it was a fantastic game. It had a lot of elements that were very intriguing and all together it made an amazing game that was very inviting. Even as a new player to the Monster Hunter games I was able to pick this one up and understand what I needed to do and how to battle the creatures.

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