Bullets fly past me while I hang out of the window lighting the dynamite. We are being chased by people in three trucks who are all shooting at us. I shoot a tire and one of the trucks spins into another. I take a breathe calmer after seeing just one truck. Then I hear something in the sky and a plane flies towards us. I hear the turrets on the plane start turning and then bullets come straight at us.

Far Cry 5 is an action-adventure set in Montana you are tasked with arresting ‘The father’ a cult leader who has become a dictator of Hope County. The arrest goes wrong and you end up alone in the middle of a purge and the people of Project at Eden’s Gate are preparing for battle.

The game’s graphics are top notch. The forests have so much detail to them and make the impressiveness effortless, The trees cast shadows onto the floor highlighting the overgrown grass and bushes giving it a feel of being possibly post-apocalytic. The sound effects were perfectly used to really enhance your experience and timed well for your surroundings. If you’re walking past a bush and walk into it you hear the leaves rustle and that to me was spot on.

The music used was impeccable. The music had a country feel to it and with the game being set in a fictional town in Montana that is based in the countryside the music feel relevant. The covers of hymns such as Amazing Grace were used perfectly in the tutorial were very chilling and set the scene tremendously.

There are four ways that you can build up your resistance. You can save citizens and destroy cult outposts. Both of these are quite small rewards but can be done very easily. Then you have cult outposts and missions. These are incredibly fun and very challenging especially having to be stealthy or you may have enemy reinforcements breathing down your neck. However, you don’t need to fight alone.

There are 9 specialist companions and three slots for guns for hire. At any one time you can have two assigned to assist you. If you highlight an enemy and command one of the companions to attack that person they will try do it as stealthily as they can. You can also play with up to 5 other players. It is easy to set up and playing with other people online it makes for an interesting time.

There are lots of weapon choices that you can use to assist you in your fight. The action wheel is easy to understand and very quick to navigate. The bow was my favourite weapon. It made stealth gameplay really easy and it isn’t that easy to use so you have to learn.

One of the best features of the game I think is the perk system. It really opens up your opportunities like being able to use more companions at once, using a grapple hook and much more. The main thing that I liked about it was that you didn’t have to grind to level up. You complete challenges to unlock perk points.

Overall I really enjoyed playing Far Cry 5. With it being the first Far Cry game I played I was unsure what to expect. However, the open world was stunning and thoroughly enjoyable to travel. I loved how you used the d-pad to tell your companions who to attack. The companions had distinguishable skills that made them stand apart and each have an impact on your style.

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