I climb the ladder and emerge from the well. The light blinds me and as my eyes adjust I see the flames. A large thunderous clap erupts from the sky and a dark shadow blankets the land. I look up and a dragon is plummeting towards us.

You have a party of four, Lucas, Iria, Melvin and Elodie. Together they will travel the world looking for the elemental Dragon Lapis to help them defeat the silver dragon. Each character has a range of different roles that change their skills and impact in battle.

You unlock growth plates that really enhance your character’s roles. I loved this part of the game because it opened up the game so much more than I was expecting. It allowed me to make a character a really powerful wizard and another a fearsome warrior. It also allows you to create versatile characters so if a boss fight is too hard you can switch their roles and try again.

With each role you have certain weapon and armour restrictions. The weapons are great choices for the roles. However, I felt like there could have been more types of weapons to really boost the skills and fighting options but the game is still incredibly fun with the ones we have now.

The visual side of the game really brought on a nostalgic feeling that reminded me of older DS games like Pokemon and Dragon Quest but with a clean and modern look to it. The caves were unique in design and monsters which made exploring them feel less tedious than other dungeon explorers.

The music was used extremely well to convey and create emotion. The music for exploring through the towns is calm. When exploring outside of the towns the music is more fast paced because danger is lurking and ready to pounce at any moment. The sound effects were used very well and really brought the skills to life.

One of the main things that made this game perfect for me was the developers ignoring the touchscreen on the 3DS. It is much faster and easier to use the D-pad. You was able to see the full screen by not obstructing your view with your hands. More than anything you don’t have to keep looking between two screens to see if you are missing anything.

Overall I really enjoyed playing KEMCO’s Dragon Lapis. The growth plates made batting much more interesting and really opened up my options. The world is beautiful to explore and the range of enemies make fighting fun. I also really enjoyed the characters. They each have an important role and you can tailor each one the way you want.

Dragon Lapis and other games by KEMCO can be seen on their store here.

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