I see the flames coming from the roof and run into a nearby hut. It is too dark so I light a candle and see a man on the floor. As I go to him I hear something behind me. I turn to see a Wakchi Warrior stood near the old broken bridge. I slowly move towards him but he suddenly turns and dashes towards me.

You play as Taku. Your village has just been burned down and you go on the search for Wakchi and his warriors. There is a prologue and three acts to play through. It isn’t an overly long game but it is rich in story and puzzles.

There isn’t much dialogue but the Narrator is a great addition to the game to push the story forward and he also gives helpful hints to some of the puzzles. I found some of the puzzles to be very challenging but incredibly fun and rewarding once you figure them out even after all the deaths.

A major part of the game that I had to get used to was death. Pretty much anything and everything can be a potential threat. I died to pretty much everything when I played through but it was incredibly rewarding and the unexpected deaths were quite funny.

There are traps hidden throughout the world and unique and often strange ways to disable the traps. One of them is a hidden is tentacles and to disable it you must shake a bush to scare a fly to escape towards the tentacles but gets caught.

There are areas in the game and even the earlier ones require items from later areas. I really like this because it makes you travel the world with the mindset of investigating everything. I found it much more fun this way and it got me to appreciate the art style more.

One of the most impressive parts of the game that really made me love it was the art style. It is in water colour and makes the game look incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the map and often found myself just walking round and appreciating the world the developers have built.

I also really liked the music It felt very calming and helped me when faced with challenging puzzles. The ambient sound was used to perfection. It created a clear and immersive world that was a pleasure to explore.

Even though it was a quick game I enjoyed playing through the puzzles and exploring the story. The developers have done an amazing job to create a beautiful and immersive world with the use of the sound and visual effects.

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