“Voice of Adventurers II” is less than two weeks away, and the celebratory mood has spread to the world of Black Desert as new features for Fairy Laila and events specific to Black Desert SEA are now live.

Adventurers who toiled over golden rifts and bottles of Sweet Honey Wine in search of fairies now have the chance to adjust their companion’s level and skills in two ways. A fairy can now undergo a “Rebirth” by using Fairy Queen’s Might, a unique item which resets all of her skills and levels. Conversely, she can be upgraded to the next tier via “Sprouting” once her maximum level has been reached. This is an arduous task for all fairies, so they can only Sprout once, and not all of them are successful. To strengthen them for the process, Adventurers can give them Sweet Honey Wine and Ornette’s Dark Honey Wine. Fairies that succeed will obtain stronger buffs, while those that fail cannot Sprout again unless they are reborn.

An exclusive Orchid Blossoms event will also take place to herald the upcoming “Voice of Adventurers II” event on March 30. During this event, Adventurers who play for up to three hours will be gifted orchids for every hour they play. Adventurers can gather up to ten orchids a day for three hours of in-game time, and they can be sold to vendors for 500,000 silver apiece. Adventurers can collect these precious blossoms from March 21 to 27.

While this week’s update raises the celebratory mood in-game, the excitement is palpable offline as well with the application period for “Voice of Adventurers II” at a close. The number of applicants exceeded the participant limit by more than five times this year, and the staff of Black Desert SEA are eager to hear from Adventurers in person. Preparations are already underway to ensure that stories and ideas can be shared in a free and comfortable environment. Everyone is invited to celebrate “Voice of Adventurers II” by sharing stories and reaping the rewards with fellow Adventurers in Black Desert SEA!

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