The large towering trees cast dark shadows in the Forest of Death. I am stood by my flag and placing paper bombs to protect it. Out in the distance I see three figures dashing towards me and I call out for help. I weave my hands to get my jutsu ready and narrowly dodged an exploding tag. Before I can react I am surrounded by the three enemy ninja and they all attack at once

The game doesn’t have a story mode as such but it does have a missions section where you play through scenarios with different ranks such as D, C, B, A, and S. I do like the missions but in each rank there are repeated missions with the difficulty heightened which can made doing the missions from start to finish very tedious and boring. I wish that they had added story missions that ran from the start of Naruto through to where the manga is.

There is a good selection of characters with the roster over 25 playable characters. I really like the characters that they have introduced. However, my main issue with the character roster is that there are only 3 characters from the Boruto series.

Each character has a one of four role including: Defense, Ranged, Attack, and Heal. Even though when the game was released each role had an equal amount of characters within it the roster now has an imbalance with three roles getting more characters than another.

Even though there is the roster of characters you are able to create your own character by choosing a role and justu in the role, clothing, hair, and face paints. The majority of all of these are in the Naruto series so you can make your character look like your favourite character.

There are scrolls that you can get from playing matches and you can buy them in a shop. When opened they give you clothing, face paints, ryo and weapons that you can equip on your character. Even though they are technically loot crates there is no way to purchase them with real money. I really like that they haven’t made them a micro transaction feature because it is a full priced game with purchasable DLC.

There are four main game modes that were added when the game was released including: Base Battle, Flag Battle, Combat Battle, and Barrier Battle. All of these are 4v4 modes. My issue with this is if someone drops out of the game the team they were on are now down an ally instead of the game adding an AI character. They have also added a free for all game mode where the person with the most point or first to 600 wins. It is a fun game mode but I would have preferred if it was a one life game mode so it would become last man standing.

In the early days I really enjoyed the game but it became very repetitive due to not being able to choose the game mode you wanted to play. I also found it very frustrating that I have paid about £50 for a game and then I am required to pay more to get the new DLC characters so mid battle it became disheartening when I would see people using Jirya’s jutsu that I couldn’t have access to.

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