As the space ship lowered and entered Habitat 7’s atmosphere you could hear the characters speaking all around you. Their voices were loud and clear to understand. The surround sound on the headset meant that if you turned your screen round you could hear the characters louder through one ear or if you faced them you could listen through both ears.

While testing out the headset Level One Gamer was playing Mass Effect: Andromeda. This was such a good game to test the headset on as you need the surround sound to listen to enemies sneaking up behind you, you can hear where the bullets are coming from and you can hear each word of the dialogue driven game.

The surround sound saved me so many times because the enemies have a habit of trying to get behind you and you can hear all around you and it is very accurate and easy to determine where the sound is coming from. The sound of the bullets flying past you made the game so much more immersive and made my heart race.

The sound quality added a lot to that as well because you could hear each bullet coming towards you. I loved using abilities when listening through the headset because the sound was so clear and the bass was perfect when using my force push ability.

Nineteen year-old Call of Duty enthusiast James N said: “The sound quality is excellent. I tried it with a few mainstream games like Call of Duty and Battlefield and the game sound quality was great.”

One of the main qualities I like about the headset is that it is noise canceling for the listener and manages to conceal a lot of sound to exterior listeners. I had my laptop on 70% and the people around me could only just hear the sound.

The microphone is detachable which I really liked with this product as I don’t always want to use the mic and sometimes they can get in the way. The sound quality through the microphone is one of the best I’ve experienced with the voice being really clear and very easy to understand.

The microphone is also adjustable so you can move it to suit your needs. James said: “The headset is nice and durable. The microphone is very flexible and it looks like it will not break.”

It is very easy to set up with the console you just plug it into your controller and it comes with a PC adapter though it isn’t always necessary. The headphones are very lightweight and are great for long gaming sessions. They sit nicely on your head giving great support without being tight and if you’re wearing glasses it doesn’t make them tighter on your head.

The Head bar sponge is really soft and you can barely feel it resting on your head which makes for easy and comfortable gaming especially when I was getting lost in Andromeda. The volume goes very high which gives users of different hearing needs a great for value product. The Volume/ Mute button is positioned in a great place on the wire.

It is not too low or too high and it had a space on it so you can connect it to your clothes if you want to stop it swinging round. The Black and red design throughout the headset goes really nice together and make it look like a professional looking headset. It also has a nice shiny black and white logo for EasySMX that just compliments the headset really well.

Overall I think the EasySMX ESM939P Headset is a great must have for any gamer who is looking to immerse themselves into their game or to talk to the gaming community. I think the headset is great for all kinds of gaming but playing it with dialogue driven games like Mass Effect made use of the headset’s impeccable sound quality and surround sound.

James added: “The design is very good. I would have preferred if the actual headphone twisted but it is very comfortable and had some extra padding than any normal headset.”

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