I’m flying high above the trees and notice some enemies on the ground. I drop down to the ground and fire my rockets out taking them out swiftly. All of a sudden a beam of energy is fired at me and I see a titan stand tall above me. I fire my rockets but they don’t do much damage to him. He charges up his next beam and as he shoots it at me my allies drop down and protect me.

Anthem has one of the most beautiful and well crafted worlds that I have played in a long time. The design of the world is graphically amazing and the creatures make it feel realistic. I really liked that there was different types of enemies ranging from creatures to people and passive creatures in the open world.

There are four javelins that you can unlock and use that each have different abilities, weapons, and mobility. They each have a unique look and feel very different when in battle. Even though each mission has 4 players and there are four javelins you don’t always need one of each in each mission. Having two storm javelins and a ranger was so much fun because the two storm’s used different elements.

Each javelin has a different overheating speed when flying and hovering. This makes movement in a battle very tactical as you might be better being on the floor the whole time or up in the air. Flying and swimming took a while to get used to but once I had got the hang of it I was able to use it to dodge enemies and travel much faster.

There are many different types of enemies around the world who use different weapons and status ailments. I really like this because it makes battles much more fun and you have to learn what is the best way to take down the group you are fighting. The design of the enemies is amazing as well. They look realistic for the world and everything suits them down to their weapons.

With each javelin you have a whole set of skills that you can find and a unique ultimate. I really like that you find new abilities and more powerful versions of the ones you have by finding them during battles. I think it makes the game much more unique and more fun because you don’t know what skills you’re going to find.

The missions are varied and each have different requirements so they feel unique and incredibly fun. I really liked that each mission did feel different and there was story behind each so I didn’t mind replaying them in quickplay.

When I first saw Anthem at E3 I was really excited but I didn’t really know what to expect. It has far exceeded my expectations. I haven’t enjoyed a first day release game as much as this in a long time. I have found other games really buggy on day one and this one has a few but nothing game breaking.

The thing that really sold this game to me was the realism. The world looked amazing, the creatures and people were designed really well, and the sound was used perfectly to make the game immersive.

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