“3…2…1… FIGHT!” I look around the dark maze. I hear a noise in the distance and see skeletons slowly making their way towards me. I keep shooting at them but I am surrounded. My health starts to go down fast. I charge up my ultimate and smash my way through the enemies.

You play as a scientist who summoned a demon to give him immortality. However, he unleashed hordes of demons on the world and he was reduced to a skull. To get his body back you must take down the hordes of demons and acquire mutations, weapons and armour.

There are two main ways to play the game. There is gauntlet mode and the normal mode. In gauntlet mode you fight against waves of enemies. You are stuck in a maze that you can use to your advantage to vanquish the hordes of demons. I really liked this game mode because not only did you have to save yourself you had an incubator to protect so you had to use tactics to survive.

In the main game you fight your way through procedurally generated maps to make your way to bosses. I like a game with procedurally generated levels because it allows you to replay levels without getting bored because you have learned the map and know where everything is. It also works really well in Hellmut because you end up dying a lot so you can improve next time.

On the flip side of that you can enable tournament which disables the procedurally generated levels. This is designed so you can do speed runs and time yourself against your friends on equal ground. I liked this idea because it gave the game some competition and can be used to learn the game more before testing your skills on the procedurally generated levels.

While trying out the game I did experience some lag and one game crash. This was mainly due to the amount of enemies on screen and the multiple despawning at once when killed. It didn’t happen a lot so it was a rare thing and I can give a little leeway seen as though it is a new release and that it didn’t happen too much to tarnish my experience.

One of my favourite features in the game was the mutations. As you played the game you acquired more mutations that you can switch between mid level. This makes the gameplay incredibly fun late game because you are fighting with a certain weapon and health but if you need to play tankier and have a larger AOE you can in seconds.

When I saw the trailer for Hellmut Badass From Hell I was a bit intimidated because of the fast paced gameplay and the hordes. I was right to be. However, the game was incredibly fun. It was a huge learning curve for me with the directional weapon because the last one I played like that was 9 Parchments. Even with the lag issues I still thoroughly enjoyed playing the game and would recommend it to anyone who likes top down, action, shooter, comedy style games.

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