Fly Penguin inc. is excited to announce the release to Steam Early Access of its original title “BARRICADEZ”, on January 10, 2020.

Crush? Burn? Blow up? Mangle? Skewer? It’s up to the player how to protect it
“BARRICADEZ” is a hybrid of crafting and tower defense games with the goal of protecting the “cradle” from the hordes of approaching zombies. Players have to mine from a vast underground space and craft their base structure with the raw materials unearthed andbuild original barricades to drive away the enemies.

A major selling point of this game is its solid worldview, which includes groups of collapsed buildings, giant creatures squirming in the distance, numerous enemies, and underground ruins.

Huge waves of zombies are approaching
As time passes and night draws in, huge numbers of zombies will rush toward the “cradle”. The number and types of enemies that appear increase by day. Players have to strategize the most effective way to deal with each type of enemy.

Mining in a vast underground space
There are plenty of resources underground, where the player can mine for raw materials to craft their base structure. Player will unearth new raw materials, and even the remains of a past civilization as they dig deeper.

Think outside of the box
Player can craft a base structure to protect against zombie attacks above ground. The zombies will destroy and overcome obstacles, so players need to make good use of differences in height when locating their structures.

Setting traps in high places where they will be hard to destroy, guiding the zombies to buy time, and figuring out how to intercept them, these things are all up to the player.

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