I run towards the gates of my house. Gleda follows quickly. I burst through the door and see my groundskeeper, Tenner, on the floor crying by his daughter’s body. I look across the room and see another body. I’m not quick enough to stop Gleda from seeing who it is. 

Ash of Gods: Redemption is a real time strategy game which is encased in a large story that is guided by your decisions. It feels like a combination of a Telltale game with Might and Magic. You play as a group of people led by Thorn Brenin who are fighting to stop the most recent reaping.

You can choose between ten different levels that increase the difficulty but you also get an increase in XP. At level two you have increased XP and you have four and a half minutes to make a move but the enemy strength is higher. However, at level 10 enemies are smarter, stronger and use cards. While you gain more XP but are also limited to one minute to make your move. I liked that you could choose between so many levels because you can slowly build up as the game progresses. There was a similar feature in Diablo 3 that I really liked for the same reason. Both games did it incredibly well but I felt more on edge with Ash of Gods because in Diablo I could create distance with the enemy. This made Ash of Gods really fun and it feels like every move has to be planned out.

The fighting combines real time strategy and card PRG elements. Both of these used together can make each battle different because the cards you use can be used for many different purposes. I mainly used mine to heal my allies. I really liked the combination of these because it felt like the game had that little bit extra to give. I was able to be more strategic with it and the enemy also had cards so it made the fights unique. 

There are many decisions throughout the game that affect a variety of things. One decision I came across was to stop and speak to a merchant that you know. I informed him about the reaping and told him about a valuable material that could save peoples lives. He then raised his prices and you get the option to walk away or rob him. I really liked these choices because it felt like I was in control even though I didn’t know what the outcome of some actions would be. One of my bad decisions caused the life of one of my party members. 

There are eight classes to choose from and six character slots in your roster. You can choose between Guardian, Archer, Wizard, Fighter, Assassin, Monk, Spearman and Swordsman. Each have different stats in Health, Attack, Energy and Movement. I like the different options because I was able to make a team that suited my play style. I had two Archers, a Monk, a Guardian, a Swordsman and a Spearman. This meant that I had an equal balance of ranged and close combat characters. 

Ash of Gods has brought together Card RPG, Real time Strategy and a beautiful visual novel to create a fun game with challenging battles. The hand drawn art style was a really nice touch to the overall feel of the game. The use of classes and a team of six made battles unique and so much fun.

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