I slot the pieces together slowly but all that I see is a blend of colour. I have a few pieces of the glass left and I start to see what lies beneath. My pace quickens and I place the last piece of glass to reveal something truly beautiful. 

Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions at its core is a jigsaw puzzle game using pieces of glass. The more puzzles you finish the more puzzles you unlock. And each final image looks very different and unique to the rest. There are over 30 stained glass puzzles to solve. 

When you start a puzzle you are given eight pieces that fit to a circle which are easy to figure out which circle they belong to. Each circle is spread out well enough that the curve of the glass piece lines up easily. I really liked this because it gave you a good head start but still made me have to think about where the other pieces could fit. It was even more difficult because you had to click on a piece of glass before it revealed it’s direction and colours.

Before you click a piece of glass it is in a random direction and is blacked out. This leaves a lot of guessing or being very time consuming looking through each one to see what direction it goes and if you have a similar shape on your puzzle. I liked the idea of it being blacked out but I felt like I was going round in circles with the harder puzzles trying to guess which piece went where. Especially when there were puzzles with over 70 pieces.

As you progress through the game each puzzle starts to have more pieces to it making it harder but more interesting. One of the first puzzles has 35 pieces while one of the last puzzles has 71 pieces. I liked this increment because it felt natural and not like too much of a leap between each puzzle. It was worth it at the end of each puzzle as well to see the stunning design.

Rank C

I was looking through the pictures for the game intrigued to see how the pieces would look and see how the connect. While playing I found myself enjoying the challenge and making an effort to play a few puzzles a night but it was relaxing. I have given the game a C because it was really fun and the art style was amazing but I feel like it doesn’t have a lot of replay-ability. 

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