I run into my lane and see Zeus stood in front of me. A voice calls out, “Minions have spawned.” and in a few short seconds the battle starts. The minions on both sides run at each other and Zeus charges towards me with his lightning shooting through the minions. I fire my arrows at him but then Loki appears out of nowhere and swings his blade at me.

Smite is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC where you play as select gods from Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Japanese, Mayan, Norse and Roman pantheons. With new Gods being released every month there is something new to try out on Smite’s vast game modes.

There are six Constant game modes to play and one called MOTD (Mode Of The Day) which is quite fun and a challenge. Due to there being so many game modes there is something for different types of player. I especially like that there is at least three people in a team, and with there being over 80 gods, each game is nearly always different.

I really like that there are a lot of items that you can purchase while in a game mode so even if you are against the same god as you there is a possibility that the gods wont be the same. The items are there to emphasize what the god is good at or the items can be used to counteract items put on by enemy gods. I think this is really good because it makes the game a bit more tactical and can be the difference between winning and losing.

As well as the pantheons there are different types of gods who can change the course of battle. There is Assassin, Guardian, Hunter, Mage and Warrior who all have different types of stats that make them strong or weak against the other types. I really like this because it makes you change your items and abilities differently to be able to fight the enemy god. This does not always work out well though as there is not a limit to how many people in your team can be one type so your entire team could have really low health and be killed off by an enemy god who has high damage.

After playing similar games and having some bad experiences with the people on there with vile language I have not experienced it that much through Smite. I have even received messages of help saying if I did something differently it would help me level up faster and the chances of winning would go up.

The great thing about a MOBA is that there is so many people you can talk to, learn from and play with. Smite has an option to join or create a clan that can have up to One Thousand people that you can play with. I have made my own clan so I can add trusted players so that if I go on there’s a chance that I will have people I know and who make a good team mate to play with.

I have had a lot of enjoyment out of Smite because it has such a diverse group of gods, the five fighting types and the different game modes all these create for a very varied experience and countless hours of gratifying gameplay.

Overall it was a very good game but with a slightly toxic community some games are a chore to play. The gods are fun but some of their abilities are quite repetitive or too similar but with over 80 gods having to keep relatively close to the gods lore it doesn’t surprise me there’s a bit of overlap.

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