We make it to the objective and have to defend some kind of technology. I look around me and hear the enemies coming closer. Then the battle starts and bullets fly past me. Hydroid makes a huge water puddle in front of me and the enemies charging forward drop into the depths of the water. Ivana runs across her wires above me. The wave stops and we regroup. The next wave starts and the enemies come at us stronger. I hide behind a shield but the enemies surround me.

Warframe is a free to play game on Xbox One, Playstation and PC where you travel the planets to fight an alien race who are trying to dominate the planets. You play as the Tenno, a group of warriors with varied abilities. At the beginning you only have the choice of three, Volt, Excalibur and Mag warframes, but after the tutorial you have thirty to choose from (is there more coming soon?).

With eighteen different types of missions the game has a lot of diversity and something for all types of players. The different types of missions are spy, where you have to infiltrate the alien’s data systems to steal information. Defense, where you have to fight back waves of enemies and survival, where you have to fight off never ending enemies.

Once you have purchased or built a Warframe it is easy to switch between the ones you own. There are two ways of purchasing the warframes, theres a long way by collecting materials and blueprints or you can pay for in game currency to buy the warframes straight away. Though the in game currency is the quicker and easier option its good that they added the slower route so you can still collect what warframes that you want.

Warframe has a diverse set of weapons which allow players to tailor their warframes to their play styles and the abilities of the Warframe itself, for example, Ivana is a stealthy Warframe so using a bow, sword and throwing stars etc works really well with her abilities. I like that you have to be tactical and figure out which weapons etc will work best for a Warframe.

There is an online multiplayer option on the game that allows the player to play with up to three friends or other Xbox players. I find this very useful especially in defense missions so there are more players to fight off the waves of enemies.

As well as the coop option there is a PvP (Player vs Player) mode with six different game types that are entertaining and very challenging as you’re playing against real players who are able to notice your fighting style and fight back.

There is the option to create or join a clan where you can group up with other members. The clan also gives you the opportunity to research different Warframe blueprints, colours and weapons.

Overall the game is very enjoyable and with the different missions I’m always challenged and doesn’t bore me. Due to the amount of warframes and their diverse abilities the game is always changing and creating new challenges.

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