The purple bushes blur as I fly through them. I am inches from the ground but my target is about 1,000 meters away. I fly up higher to get a better visual and there are four trucks. A blue fireball fires from a cannon on my wingsuit. It smacks into the first truck and I land with my SMG ready. The enemies get out of their vehicles and surround me. Then they start to fire.

Developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Squire Enix, Just cause 3, has been given a fictional collection of islands called Medici which is a huge open world to explore in many different ways and adds elements of tactical fighting to the action adventure genre to give the player an extremely enjoyable game to play. Released five years after its prequel, Just Cause 2, the developers had a lot of time to look into what they could do with their game and how they could construct the world that we as gamers would love to travel round.

I played the game for about 20 hours, exploring and liberating settlements, before I noticed I hadn’t continued with the main missions since the tutorial. The world is visually stunning especially when flying through the skies Medici and seeing what is around you in all directions.

I found the liberating of towns very enjoyable at first as you had to go through the towns and find certain military propaganda that you need to destroy, but after a few places it started getting quite repetitive. The game did add some new things in bigger towns but there wasn’t much diversity.

One of the best elements of this game is the diversity in the abilities and the arsenal you have access to and the upgrades that can make fights, flights or drives a different experience. One thing the game allows you to do is upgrading your land mines to be rocket explosives that you can attach to anything you wish. This has lead to players testing them out of AI characters, cars, planes and pretty much anything that the explosives will stick to.

The main missions are really enjoyable and they actually feel like they’re worth doing because on some of them you get upgrades on your equipment that give the game a new feel and open up a world of possibilities.

One of the main problems I had when starting the game was that there wasn’t an auto lock on targets when using guns, this is a bit different to other games I have played so I had to learn how to target enemies better. I now think this makes the game much better as it adds another level of difficulty and gives you another challenge to complete the game. I also found the driving of road vehicles really difficult as the controls were really sensitive and trying to turn a corner sent me off the nearby cliffs.

Overall the game was very enjoyable by being very open to do what you want and the amount of combinations of equipment you could have make the hours seem like minutes. Even though the game has a few flaws they’re not big enough to ruin the game.

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