People are stampeding through stores trying to get their Black Friday deals. But a devastating pandemic is close behind. New York is hit hard and one by one their basic services start to fail. Within weeks there are riots and murders everywhere. An elite group of fighters with no limitations are activated and must do anything to take down the main groups destroying New York.

One integral part of the game that has been done perfectly was the destruction to New York. There are cars in the middle of the road that have been abandoned. There are blockades that have been put up by the police/ army to fight back against the rioters. There is trash all over the streets and the stray dogs roaming the streets.

I really loved the overall look of the game but I feel like the stray dogs should have been a bit more rabid due to the lack of food and the harsh cold temperatures. But there are many other types of enemies to fight against.

There are a few main gangs but I found The Cleaners the most interesting. This was because they were acting as vigilantes but they were killing anyone who they thought might have the disease and they would do it by shooting them and/ or using a flame thrower to eradicate the victim. On one hand you can understand what they’re trying to achieve but they are not even testing the people which make them a very dangerous enemy.

They have made some really big advancements with the overall game since its launch when there was a lot of bug issues. One thing I would have liked is the introduction of new gangs that have risen up to challenge the agents.

The game is very different to how it was when it launched. The first few months of release there was a lot of bugs with people falling through the map and other game ruining bugs. This led people to abandon the game in their masses. However, Ubisoft didn’t give up on The Division and they started adding new patches to fix the broken game.

Nearly two years later and the game is incredible. The fights are heart stopping and there are more modes that you can play to increase the difficulty of the game and getting new gear. One thing I really enjoyed about the game was the different mission types that it had.

There are seven different types of missions and objectives which are really fun and varied but some are get very repetitive. The side missions, main missions and incursions are really fun to play, give good loot and aren’t too repetitive.

The Dark Zone was one of the hardest areas of the game due to it being the PvP area. If you killed another player you became a rogue agent and your location was revealed to other players. This made it incredibly hard when you was being attacked and defended yourself and unintentional became rogue.

They have changed it now so you have to activate rogue status which makes you vulnerable to damage from other players. I do like the change because you can now have a good chance at getting some good loot and not wasting the last hour when someone comes along to kill you and steal your loot. However, I did like the idea of the area being high risk and anything goes but I think it should have been a limited amount of players in that area.

Overall I really enjoyed the game when it was first released even with the bugs I didn’t think it was too bad. There is a good selection of weapon types and a range of different weapons within those categories that make many weapons feel different. I really liked that because it wasn’t just about finding a strong weapon it was about finding a weapon suited to your play style.

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