You arrive in the train station. A soft music plays as you walk round. There is a short walk to work and you’re greeted by a blackout. You go into the back room to turn the lights on and when you return to the bar a mysterious man drops a note saying, “Get out. NOW!”

In this 2D puzzle platformer you play as a Russian janitor who is dragged into a battle between the Russian police and the CIA. The game is a pixel design which looks really nice and coupled with the mini games it is a very clean and smooth game visually.

The mini games are inspired by more retro games like space invaders but they are very hard but rewarding once you get past them. There are a few other references to older media like in a bar you can see two people who look like Doc and Marty from Back to the Future films.

I liked the older feel that this game had and think it worked incredibly well to engage someone who didn’t play the games all that much and haven’t revisited them in years. The music was a great finishing touch to the overall feel of the game. The best way for me to describe it is that it sounded like something that would fit perfectly in Netflix’s Stranger Things.

I really like that there was collectibles in the game because you are entering different areas, the story is quite unclear for a while and it just adds an extra element to the game. The game has English dialogue through the text boxes which I liked but what I really liked was that they kept the Russian language in the background.

Overall I loved the game’s 80s feel with the design, music and references. It is a really good price and isn’t too long. It was very confusing to start off with but then again it feels more immersive because you are in the same position as the janitor. There are lots of obstacles to overcome and figuring out how to beat the mini games was entertaining and rewarding.

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