There is a ladder submerged in the vines leading up to Serf Side. I make my way up the ladder but when I get to the top he comes out of nowhere. He says, “Keep your nose clean and don’t forget where you parked.” He leaves as quickly as he came. I walk round the village collecting some white flowers but suddenly a spirit appears and grabs me.

You start off on a small beach with only trees and the ocean surrounding you. As you walk along the beach you come across the information fish. You are on the island of Geos. Playing as Lili a young girl who is looking for rare flowers so she can write a report for her vegi-magical degree.

You come across wooden constructs who have side quests and you start to feel sorry for them because you quickly learn that they were made by the spirits to be their slaves. The first spirit you come across is the Mayor. A mean and abrupt spirit who is shown to be quite tall in the first few seconds we meet him.

I really like the idea behind the spirits as you play a mini-game to get a rarer type of flower that is found on the spirit. However, the mini-game gets very repetitive even though they try to add new elements with some.

There are a few clothing customisation options but it is mainly recolours of the outfit Lili is wearing but it still adds a bit of personalisation for the player because they can choose what their character wears. There are also pets and accessories like crowns, clown noses etc. There are also artefacts to collect scattered around Geos which gives the game more of an exploration feel to it.

There is money throughout the town that you can use to enhance Lili to make it easier when you are challenging the spirits for their red flower. The mini-game to get the flowers can be quite repetitive but the game adds some elements to try spice it up.

The music is very nice and soothing reminding me of older exploration games. The game is visually very nice. It has a clear style it has animation during the written dialogue which makes up for there being no voice over. But even though it doesn’t have a voice over it I think that makes the game more immersive.

Overall the game was quite short but enjoyable and more targeted to a younger audience but it can be enjoyed by many. The characters were really good. I liked the collecting in the game and the exploration side of it made it a through joy to play.

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