“Prepare to fight for your life. A big swarm is approaching.” Says the voice over the intercom. The light from my torch slowly dims and the cave walls look like they are getting smaller. I pull out another torch and chuck it down the cave but as it falls creatures on the walls appear and are rushing towards me.

I went into this game a bit hesitant because a lot of other game preview/ early access games I have played have been extremely buggy and just disappointing. However, I thoroughly Enjoyed playing Deep Rock Galactic.

It is a four player co-op first person shooter where you gather materials like Minecraft using a pickaxe but the materials you gather are used to upgrade your weapons and armour. I think that there could be a lot of improvement with the weapon upgrades because there isn’t that many so it doesn’t take too long to max out a character.

There are four characters to choose from. There is the Gunner who is a attack heavy character. The Scout who goes ahead and finds the materials for the team. The Driller who can make short work of a wall between caves. And the Engineer who can create platforms to get to higher materials and they also use turrets.

I really liked the diverse characters and all their different builds. Even items that they all have are designed differently for different characters like the Engineer’s pickaxe upgrade adds 10 damage whereas the Driller’s adds rock damage meaning they have to hit walls less than the others to destroy them. However, I think that only four characters will create a lot of repetition with team mates so I personally would like to see some more characters in the game.

One thing that I really enjoyed about the game was the music. The calming music while exploring the caves made it seem like you was able to take a few minutes to have a good look around. There was an 80s style song that sounded really nice and reminded me of something out of Stranger Things. The battle music made everything seem so fast paced and really got you moving round the screen.

Deep Rock Galactic is a fantastic game at launch especially for a game preview title. There are some connection issues which are to be expected but are not game ruining. There are a nice selection of missions that you unlock as you rank up. The 100% destructible environment is fun to play around with I just hope they make a larger cave system so there are lots more areas to explore.

I can not wait to see how this game develops before it’s full launch but some stuff I would love to see in the game are new weapons with different stats and maybe different elemental damage so you can modify your character more. I would also like to see a different extraction process at the end of a mission.

Currently you have 5 minutes to run through the cave to get to a drop ship but theres no real explanation as to why it couldn’t be dropped nearer to you. So I would like it to create more damage where it lands or possibly even a horde mode where you have to fight off waves for a certain amount of time.

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