The light fades as I walk forwards. I stumble through the dark but there are noises ahead. There is a light up ahead and as I step into it there is a man stood there. He is covered in blood. He is holding something. What is it? He turns towards me and screams. I turn and run but he starts chasing me. I run as fast as I can but he is faster.

The long Reach is a psychological thriller with a mystery and lots of puzzles to solve. There are lots of items to pick up and use in some unconventional ways. You have to really think about what you are doing and what you can use to live.

You play as a cynical Calvin who has a bad attitude towards people and is described as lazy by his fiancé Shelly. You also play as Shelly’s coworker, Stewart. He was in a test room at a science lab when he blacks out and when he wakes up Shelly is missing.

There are dialogue options that you can choose between to control the character to how you want them to be and make the game feel more immersive. The dialogue is easy to read which makes the game so much better. A lot of dialogue based console games are so hard to keep up with.

There has been some kind of outbreak and you must navigate through a science lab to escape. There is a lot of darkness and the music create a great atmosphere that gets your heart racing especially when you’re walking through the darkness not knowing what is going to be in front of you.

People seem to be in different stages of some kind of mental breakdown and now they are worshiping or terrified of someone called Alan. I think this was a really good way to add another extra mystery for the player so that there is more than just one problem.

The game uses key aspects of the horror genre really well to keep the player on the edge of their seat. The first time I was chased by someone who wanted to kill me was absolutely terrifying as th player. I ran through a door and he followed which I wasn’t expecting. The music becomes more intense and your heart does start to race.

Overall the game is fantastic. It challenged me with the puzzles and the horror was top notch. The music was amazing and was perfect for the horror genre. I loved the pixel design it was so beautiful and didn’t make the game any less scary.

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