As the sun goes down the darkness blinds me. I walk and see a light in the distance. There is a solitary streetlamp ahead of me. I hear growls behind me so I turn round and slowly walk backwards. My back presses up against the streetlamp. The growls get louder and a zombie steps out into the light. In a matter of seconds I am surrounded and the zombies are running at me.

The game doesn’t have a storyline as such but with three game modes each bring their own challenges and play styles you have a lot to do. There is a defense mode, endless mode and Deathmatch mode.

In defense mode you have night and day. During the night you fight hordes of creatures and have to survive. During the day you can build your defenses and buy new weapons. Every 5th night you survive you are introduced to a new enemy that brings new challenges. This mode is incredibly fun and can be very challenging because you have to use the money tactfully to make the next night easier.

In the endless game mode you fight off endless zombies. As you kill them you have a chance to get loot from them. I really enjoyed this game mode because it was fast paced and the weapons you can find could be slow and weak or really tear through the hordes.

Deathmatch has to be most enjoyable game mode. You fight off against other players but you also fight against zombies. The main aim is to sabotage other players. This made this mode incredibly fun due to the multiple enemies that you must fight off against.

Even though defense and endless are fun to play single player. Multiplayer is where the game really opens up. You have a lot of different play styles all coming together and the zombies are really fun to fight against as a team or against each other.

There are four characters to choose from including: The Guy, The Girl, The SWAT and The Doc. The characters are for cosmetic only because they don’t have different starting stats and weapons. I would have liked The SWAT to have started with an assault riffle and a higher movement speed. Also as each character levels up they all have the same stat upgrades. I would have preferred if each character would develop differently.

One thing that I would change would be non playable characters that you can buy to help you out in defense mode. I think they could be used as decoys or used to help you battle off the horde from behind your barricade. You could also level them up to make them more useful in battle. Even if this addition was only added when you’re playing solo.

I really enjoyed playing Yet Another Zombie Defense and even though the map is basic with only one streetlamp it opens up the opportunities to build a good defense in defense mode. The amount of defenses and weapons make the game very different from other defense games I have played. The multiplayer side of the game was a huge part of what I loved about this game and how everyone’s fighting styles came out was incredible.

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