The buildings pass quickly as I grapple onto a boulder and pull myself in. There are jackals spread throughout the city. One of them jumps towards me and I knock him back. There is a huge roar and the floor starts shaking. I turn to face the city’s main gate and within 1 second it is gone. A large green Ravenii lifts his fist from the rubble and loos straight at me.

You play as one of the last Sentinels and the last hope for humanity. The Sentinels are the only people who are strong enough to stop the Ravenii. The current king does not trust the Sentinels so you must prove to him that you are wanting to help so you can work together. The storyline was quite good and there was a lot to it which was one of the only things I liked about this game.

As you fight the Ravenii the camera auto locks onto them. This would be fine but one false move and you could be very low health. As I tried running away to recover health the screen turned and moved me back into battle to die from one more hit. Also it was very hard to move up buildings because the camera would move so close to the wall you was nearly inside it which made it near on impossible to see where you was going

Another thing that made combat really difficult was the dialogue. Instead of being a voice over or the main points covered before the fight the game paused so you could listen to the story. This would have been fine but when I was mid battle and the dialogue paused the game I would lose the momentum and then the fight was so much harder than it needed to be.

The fighting was a learning curve for me as well because you slowed down the game to line up your strikes which was really useful but it made the game feel repetitive and boring very quickly. Also when cutting off the arms, legs or head off of the Ravenii you could only cut in one place so if you didn’t get a good angle before you slow down time you are not going to be able to cut them. Also it lead to quite a lot of unnecessary deaths.

Even with all of its flaws the one thing I would change about the game is adding a multiplayer function. Firstly I don’t like the cliché of only one person can save the world. Also I think that the game would have been a lot more fun and rewarding if there was multiple players spreading out around a city to save the villagers and kill the Ravenii.

Overall I didn’t like the game. It was too repetitive and fell short of my expectation from its reveal at E3. The enemies looked to similar as well. If they had had names and distinctive designs then I wouldn’t have felt that it was fighting the same enemy over and over again even if they did have different armour. The camera made the game much more difficult than the game needed to be.

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