I walk up to a street full off refugees who are looking up to a man speaking. Wilhelm Berg says, “The gate is closed.” Suddenly the TerraNova robots start firing down at the refugees. I raise my gun and start attacking Berg. He then teleports to a different platform and fires an electrical beam at me.

Large cities around the world have been plunged into darkness. Citizens have fled to find a safe heaven. Unfortunately for them they were ‘saved’ by TerraNova. An organisation who seemed helpful at first but they will do anything to keep their control of the citizens they are poisoning.

There are two different games with Crackdown 3. There is the campaign mode where you play alone or with another player. You must progress through the campaign to take down TerraNova. The second game mode is the wrecking zone. A 5v5 PvP game mode. I liked the campaign mode as it felt much like the other games but it felt really short. I really didn’t like the wrecking zone. The abilities and arsenal was too separated from the main game for me to enjoy it.

The campaign isn’t as fun as the previous games but the highlight for this series is the survival chance of each mission and how you can increase your chances. One change I did like to this game was preset agents. There are six agents to start off with but as you progress the game you are able to find agent DNA. Each agent gets a 10% and a 5% boost to their skills depending on their personality.

There are 5 skills in this game and they are the same in the previous. These include: Driving, Firearms, Explosive, Agility, and Strength. As you level each up you gain new abilities and become more proficient in the skill. For example, as you level up strength your punches and ground slam become much stronger. I really like this because you can play to your strengths and focus what you want to level up as you could use each to help you in battle.

As you complete objectives around the map you start to help inspire a rebellion. At first you can’t really notice but as you free prisoners and take down key objectives the rebel presence becomes much more noticeable. I really like this because it actually feels like your actions are having an impact and the world is changing from your decisions.

I have played other games in the crackdown series so I was really looking forward to this installment especially when I found out about the destructible environment. However, there was only certain amount of objects that were destructible and not the entire city that was mentioned in the pre-alpha.

Crackdown 3 was an incredibly fun game which gave you the option of how you play and when you decide to take down bosses. The campaign could have done with a bit more in my option. I really liked that there were multiple factions in the previous games but this game seems to have merged that into one organisation. I just wish they had been an extra tier or more people under the lieutenants.

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