Developer and publisher Wargaming.net today announced the Founder’s Packs that will be available for World of Warships: Legends Early Access phase — beginning April 16, 2019 — and the contents therein.

Exclusive to the optimized console version, World of Warships: Legends Founder’s Packs will include everything a captain needs to get their naval career off to a flying start, including exclusive first dibs on the Early Access launch for PlayStation 4 players! 

Following a successful final Closed Beta weekend, Wargaming is confident that players are ready to conquer the seas! The newest entry in the legendary World of Warships franchise has been developed to take full advantage of the capabilities of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and features the series’ trademark epic online naval battles, plus content and features exclusive to the console gaming experience. Players are invited to discover this new world of naval combat with the release of a selection of Founder’s Packs. 

Founder’s Packs are limited edition bundles that are available in Premium, Deluxe, and Ultimate Editions, and contain a treasure trove of content to help give players the upper hand, from mighty warships to exclusive customization items.

With a Founder’s Pack, you’ll be equipped with enough thunderous firepower, items, and currency to rule the seven seas! Additionally, the purchase of a Founder’s Pack will grant players the ability to begin playing in Early Access on April 12 (on PlayStation 4), four days earlier than the scheduled April 16, 2019 launch date. 

The World of Warships: Legends Founder’s Packs include:

  • Ultimate Edition: Bring the thunder with four combat-ready Premium warships: Iwaki and Arkansas, along with the exclusive Marblehead and Gremyashchy (available for a limited time in select Early Access bundles), and much more
  • Deluxe Edition: Set sail with three epic Premium warships under your command: Iwaki, Arkansas, and the exclusive Marblehead (available for a limited time in select Early Access bundles), and more
  • Premium Edition: Kick off your naval career in style with two powerful warships: the powerful Iwaki and Arkansas, and more

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