I wake up in the searing heat. I feel the burning sand under me and quickly get up. There is a stone path and I follow it. There are broken branches and stones scattered all around. I come up to some steps and as I advance up them I see a shadow in the distance. Then a deafening screech and it flaps wits wings sending sand flying at me.

The game doesn’t have a storyline as such but there are journals and ghosts throughout the map as well as tasks to complete so you have something to work towards. There are a lot of creatures and enemies to fight against or train to fight for you which really enhances the experience.

One of the main elements to the game that I really enjoyed was the building. It was a lot more detailed and more shaped foundations than similar games like Ark. This allows you to make a very unique base and have more fun building.

The design of the game is done beautifully. It is not a flawless design but each area has a lot of detail and appropriate enemies. The larger enemies move quite well and their design is really intimidating and has a lot of detail.

The elements can be more dangerous than enemies in Conan Exiles. At night it becomes realistically dark and the temperature drops massively which you are susceptible to if you do not have the right clothing and/ or fires. This makes the first few nights very challenging so you should be prepared to die a few times.

There is a lot of customisation in Conan Exiles. From your character’s background to your weapons to your building. As you level up you you gain points to put into your crafting. I really like this part of the game because you have to prioritise certain things depending how you want your story to develop.

One thing I would change would be a more interactive storyline and a wider range of tameable enemies. I think this would open up the game to a lot more possibilities especially when playing PVP and trying to build a unraidable base.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this game but I found it much better when playing multiplayer. The building was a huge highlight for me because it was fun to make a very detailed base and try to learn new defences. The map was beautiful and was a joy to explore.

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