A deep voice calls out, “3.. 2.. 1..” and the barrier drops. We run out into the main lane and quickly split up leaving me alone on the middle lane. An enemy appears on y lane and deals devastating attacks in quick succession. As I turn to retreat another enemy drops down in front of me and fires an arrow at me.

The game currently has over 40 Hypers that you buy and play as. One thing I really liked about the game was the design put into each character to create a roster of intriguing Hypers. Each character has a unique moveset even if they have the same weapon and role they can feel very differently.

There are six roles to choose from in this 4v4 game. The roles include: Tank, Bruiser, Specialist, Striker, Support, and Assassin. It does help to have a Tank and Support but if you play carefully and smart you can win a fight without them. The roles are also pretty even with the amount of characters in each role so you don’t have one role being neglected.

For each character you can create equipment sets before going into matches so when you go in you have your equipment ready. There are two types of equipment. The first is common equipment that are available for all characters. The second type are four specific items that are designed to enhance your character strengths leaving you with still two slots to add any of the common ones you want if you decide to equip all the unique ones. I really like that you have these two types because it allowed me to raise my strengths and then find out where I was a bit weaker and with my final two slots I was able to reduce this vulnerability.

Another way to set your character and play style apart from everyone else is how you use consumables. I really liked that the game showed you what your stats were so that you could look at the consumables and your equipment to tailor them to make you a much stronger player. I liked that there were a lot of consumables to choose through so there is a lot of possibilities in the way of customisation.

Because the game is a free to play there is obviously a micro transaction element to the game. However, I have not found one thing that can only be bought through this method. I really like it when games do this because it doesn’t force you to pay out ridiculous amounts of money for a free to play title.

There are missions that are automatically selected that are daily and weekly. This is a really good method of getting Game Points to buy characters and other in game items. I really like this part of the game because it allows you to still play the game for free and build up game points quickly to buy new characters.

One of the most appealing parts of this game was the maps. It is a 2D MOBA with ladders and drop points making movement across the map incredibly fun and dangerous because you don’t know who is going to be on the next level. The map design was also stunning especially Dragon Refugee. It is a forest map with stone features that blend in so well and just looks visually stunning.

I was incredibly surprised with how much I enjoyed this game. I saw a trailer for it and the characters looked interesting but I wasn’t sold on the map design. However, when I started playing the map design became one of my favourite features. I think it was such a creative addition to the MOBA genre. The characters were incredibly fun and I enjoyed Hypers from each role.

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