We are running up the mine’s stairs and dash across the dirt to reach the crane’s hook. I leap onto it with Riel beside me and we ride it all the way to the bottom. I see a nest over a chasm but before I find out what is inside a large figure rises above us. It bellows, “You will not take my treasure.”

There are angel and demon clans who both strive to seek human growth but they clash because of their different methods. Kunah and Riel, the daughter of the Ice Dragon Chief, must leave Vanneth to go and find Escude who has ignored Zeus’ orders and gone down to the human world.

You have a main map with different areas that remind me of games like Naruto Path of the Ninja. I really liked the different zones because each had their own enemies and often came with different puzzles to solve along with a maze to navigate. This gave me hours of fun and kept my interest especially with the fighting style.

The way that you fight is very similar to games like Mars Matrix, especially the way the bosses fight. I thoroughly the boss battles. There was one against three enemies. One threw out bombs, another got up close and dealt high damage and the third fired projectiles as well as a button confusing ability. I really liked this because it completely threw me and my controls were messed up for a good 10 seconds. This showed me that the bosses were very well thought out and that each of them had something very unique in the way that it affected the characters.

My only negative about the enemies would be that there was too many different types of normal enemies in one area. The areas are not that long either so to me it felt like overkill with the different types. However, I did like that you did need to use both characters to take on different enemies.

When you was in an enemy infested area there were three buttons on the Xbox One version that you used to fight. You used one for Kunah’s basic attack, one for Riel’s basic attack, and one for Kunah’s ultimate. The way the game is designed I was expecting a cut off to a separate battle quite similar to Dragon Lapis. I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed that it didn’t cut off to each battle because the game felt very fast paced which fit the fighting style perfectly.

With only having two different attacks and an ultimate I was a bit worried it would get boring and repetitive but there was a decent selection of weapons. Each weapon had its own range, element, and damage output. You could also upgrade weapons which gave you extra effects. I had a dagger that was close range and by the time I had upgraded it it was stronger and fired out waves of ice to deal damage to enemies at mid range. This all made the weapons incredibly fun and made me want to collect them all.

I have played one of KEMCO’s previous game, Dragon Lapis, and absolutely loved it. So I had very high expectations for this game. The trailer hyped me up as well because it hinted at a different fighting style and a good story with a large range of characters. It did not disappoint. From the moment I started the game the story hooked me. The way it set the story was incredible and the range of characters and challenges kept me hooked.

Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey and other KEMCO games can be seen on their store here.

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