“3.. 2.. 1.. GO!” I dash towards the ball as quickly as I can. I knock it up but I am hit from the side and the ball rolls away. I drive back towards it but notice an orange blur speeding up beside me. We are neck and neck racing towards the ball. We both crash into it. It flies away and rolls on the ground. It is rolling slowly towards the goal. There is a loud bang and my car flies backwards.

Rocket league is a cross platform racing PvP game that has many different game modes and four group settings to really change up the game. You can design your car and there are theme cars that you can get inspired by Hot Wheels, Gears of War, Halo and more.

There are always two sides in the game so when you are customizing your car you have a Blue Team and Orange Team to design. This is just the colours of the car that are affected. The overall design stays the same. I really liked the colours available because I wasn’t a fan of the orange so I changed it to a crimson red. I also really like the changes you can make to the car. You can change the body shape, decal and wheels among other things.

There are many game modes that you can play through that replicate sports such as football, basketball and ice hockey. I do like the game modes but I think that they felt too similar. The ice hockey themed game mode, Snow Day, was played on the normal fields. I would have preferred it to be an ice rink and you slide round.

As someone who doesn’t play many car games I am bound to struggle with the driving aspect of the game. However, I found it so hard to get control of the ball and I think that if you are in a 4v4 game mode it would be much better for all the members to have a headset. Communication is key to winning this game.

I spent a lot f my time in the training area to learn how to play the game against bots and learning the mechanics. My biggest problem playing with bots is the AI for the rookie bots was terrible. I was playing a match of Soccer and my bot team mate scored two own goals for the enemy team.

There are so many body and decal designs for the cars to choose from. The showroom allows you to see the cars you can buy with real money and the decal they come with. I don’t mind this feature because it is purely cosmetic so you’re not paying to win. The prices of the cars don’t seem too overpriced as well with most of them costing £1.79 and the most expensive being £4.79.

One of the features that I do not like is the Rocket Pass. It is basically a battle pass. I do not mind these for free to play games but on a game you have to pay for I don’t like it. Every three months the battle pass resets and you have to purchase the next one you want. It also costs £7.99 every three months.

Overall, I liked the idea of Rocket league even but I couldn’t hit the ball much. The vast game modes looked fun and interesting but once I started playing them they felt too similar. I really enjoyed the team comp but I feel like a full team communicating clearly has a great advantage over a team of random players without headsets.

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