I’m moving the blob of clay towards a large cylinder. I crash into the side releasing a wave of liquid. I see the bucket I have to fill has a barrier stopping the water filing it up. I race over to break through but when I crash through the side I fall into the bucket. Then the liquid crashes down on top of me.

You play the game as children who control blobs of clay to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. You can change the shape of your blob or take control of unique shapes to affect the environment around you.

The story is split into five books each with four chapters. Each chapter introduces you to new challenges and builds on the ones before. I like how it was split up and the new challenges were presented. I also liked that it had a grading system that depends on how well you did in the challenge. It gave the completionist side of me motivation to gather all of the stars and get better at the game.

With each shape of clay you face different challenges and possibilities moving around the map. Initially I found moving around the map hard to get to grips with. However, Once it clicked it was incredibly fun. Especially when I had to navigate my way across narrow beams in the air.

When you start a chapter you instantly have access to a sphere, doughnut, cube and cuboid. In each chapter there are other shapes that you can use to achieve your goal easier. The clay shapes you find in a chapter have unique abilities. I came across one that shoots an infinite amount of liquid that made it much easier to reach a certain area on the map.

One of the things that really intrigued me about this game was the fact that you can build your own books and chapters. I was really looking forward to seeing how I could put things together to make challenging levels. However, I found the camera really hard to navigate when designing and couldn’t really build anything worth playing.

The levels that you build can be added to the community creations for other people to play. I did find some intriguing community creations and had fun on some of the levels. With the other ones I found it incredibly hard because I had a percentage meter to indicate a challenge but nothing to tell me what I needed to do.

I saw the trailer for Claybook and thought it looked like a lighthearted, fun, puzzle game with flawless transitions when switching clay shapes. I was not wrong. The game is very well constructed and the physics are incredible. The overall design was realistic looking with the clay effect. The puzzles were quite hard especially with the movement of the clay.

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