My army is slowly making their way through the darkness. Enemy troops run of the shadows and start firing. Troops on both sides fall. We narrowly win the fight with only 3 squads left. I see a bright red X on my map showing my Harbinger being attacked. I try to rush back to save him but my troops run into another army.

There are four game modes to play through including: story, trials, survival and versus. In each game mode every player has a Harbinger. It is your goal to kill enemy Harbingers before yours is killed. There are points around the map that you have to capture so that you can get energy quicker and build your army faster. When you start the game you have glyphs that you use to summon traps, structures and troops.

The story mode is used very well to introduce you to the mechanics of the game and introduces you to new scenarios that you need to overcome. I really enjoyed playing through the story mode to learn the game and prepare me for PvP. The scenarios in each mission were fun and kept me hooked with every new mission.

The trials game mode has over 30 trials that each present their own challenges. With each trial you have to play on a certain map and face obstacles that come with it. The biggest struggle with some of the trials is banned glyphs that could have really helped you succeed. The trail mode alongside the story mode were the best game modes to learn the mechanics of the game and a great introduction to fully enjoy this game.

The survival game mode is a wave based game mode where you have to stay alive for a set amount of time. This was a great game mode to learn defense. I found this one of the more fun game modes as well just because of the pressure as the clock is going down. My first game in this mode was such a narrow victory and I was hooked from there.

There are currently 9 maps to play through. Each map comes with its own challenges and amount of players allowed to compete. One of my favourite and most challenging maps was Rift. You had to be very strategic with how you used your troops and defenses because there was a rift between yours and your enemy’s Harbinger.

There are four types of glyphs including: unit, structure, traps and techs. You start out with 36 glyphs and the further you progress through the game the more glyphs you acquire. I liked building the deck around my play style to really enhance my experience with the game. I play the game more defense early game and rush late game so I made sure to focus structure and unit glyphs.

When I first saw the game it reminded me of my Xbox360 days when I played too many hours of Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth 2. It was really nice to see the similarities in this game and Golem Gates’ more accessible play style. I loved trying out and exploring the maps. However, one thing I would have liked is being able to fight against multiple enemies who band together so I would be up against 2-3 armies. The music was a huge selling point and was a pleasure just sitting there listening.

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