There is a loud bang and the doors shake. A few seconds of silence then a louder bang breaks the door open. Splinters fly towards us and we draw our swords. Then the gorgon emerges from where the doors stood. Her eyes glow and my team mate turns to stone in front of me. She turns and charges straight at me as I close my eyes.

Set in ancient Greece you are fighting the Titans and their minions. You must make your way through caves, dungeons, the heat and many more areas to save Greece. I really liked the storyline and the boss battles because each one felt different with the range of enemies and boss abilities. It has been 12 years since the original release on the PC and this game has done well with time.

A lot of games from 2006 are shocking graphic wise compared to newer games. However, Titan Quest has been very successful in keeping up with the quality of newer games. You can see the design of an older game as well which makes it a complete nostalgic trip and a visual pleasure.

One main part of the game I really enjoyed was the skill trees and how they made the combat and my experience feel unique. By the time you reach level 8 you are able to choose two masteries. These masteries include: Storm, Earth, Warfare, Spirit, Dream, Rogue, Hunting, Nature and Defense. Due to the amount of them and their perks you are able to make a character very different and play through the game multiple times with different experiences.

There is a good selection of weapons including: spears, bows, knives, torches and shields. I really liked that you can have two preset weapon slots so you can switch weapons quickly. The only issue I had was that when you defeated enemies you would see their weapons fall to the ground but sometimes you can not pick them up.

One thing that I would change is the character creation. You are only able to choose your name, gender and colour of your tunic. I think that the game has a lot of customisation with armour and abilities and the personal cosmetic change would have just made the experience more immersive.

Overall I really enjoyed this game and compared to similar games like Path of Exile and Diablo it fell a bit short but the back story and freedom makes this game completely worth it. I loved the customisation and playing round with mastery combos to make a character who was perfect for my play style.

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