I run out of the alley way onto the main street and instantly drop to the ground. Captain America’s shield narrowly misses me as I drop. I get back up just as the X-Men run in next to Captain America. They all leap forward but before they get to me dark figures emerge at the side of me and clash with the X-Men. 

Marvel Strike Force is a free to play mobile game where you can collect heroes and villains from the marvel universe. The characters are designed very well and are instantly recognisable by just the model alone. 

There are over 80 characters to collect for you to add to your team. Characters including: Scarlet Witch, Hulk, Captain America, Nebula, Crossbones, and much more. I really like the range of characters you can collect to make your team of 5 and make it unique to how you play and who your favourite people are. 

Much like Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and many other mobile games the tasks you do require energy. I don’t mind the energy system in Marvel Strike Force because it doesn’t take too long to replenish and there are ways of getting some energy free as well so you don’t have to wait long to play the campaigns. 

There are 5 main campaigns that you can play once you have unlocked them. Some of the campaigns have restrictions on who you can put into your team but you unlock enough characters easily to be able to play the campaigns. I really like the use of campaigns especially when collecting items to rank up your character. 

Each character has a power level that is raised by ranking up, levelling up, and upgrading your skills. I really like this system because it allows you to quickly find who is your weakest member and focus on them. I also noticed my favourite character was way stronger than everyone else. 

Each character has a set of skills and passives that make them very unique for the team and sometimes the passives increase other member’s stats. I liked this because when you was making your team you had to decide between the team you like and the team that fits really well together. 

Arena is one of the most fun parts of the game for me. You create your team of 5 with no restrictions on who can be in the party. You then battle other players online for some really cool rewards. I also think the Arena shop had some of the best character shards that you can collect. 

I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game and collecting the characters was a big part of that for me. I really liked the power level because it allowed you to keep a track of how strong your characters are and it is nice to see where your work has got you. 

My biggest and most probably only issue with this game is the pop up micro transactions. I understand it is a free game so they have to make their money some way but it feels very forced. I loaded up the game and within 5 minutes of playing I must have had over 7 pop ups trying to get me to buy in game currency and characters. I don’t mind free to plays having micro transactions but only if its in a place for the gamer to find and not forced down their throat. 

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