I slowly peek around the corner and can not see any enemies. I run over to the objective but just as my foot touches it I hear bullets being fired. I jump out of the way and see that it is Barik and his turret that is shooting at me. I manage to dodge his bullets but as I land I am struck with an arrow. 

There are three game modes that you can play through in Paladins. Each has its own challenges and unique style that appeal to different gamers. The first mode is Siege. You have an objective in the middle of the map that you have to capture. The first team to capture the objective has to push a payload and the losing team have to stop the payload making it back to their base. I really like this mode because its very much a back and forth push quite often with it being in the last seconds left that it ends. 

The second mode is Team Deathmatch. The first team to 40 kills wins the game. This is a very fast paced game mode but what I found with playing with random players online is that there was a lot of splitting up. I did have a lot of fun as support on this game mode though because you was always moving and always needed. 

The final game mode, Onslaught, feels like a little bit of a mix of the previous two with the objective in the center and trying to kill the enemy team as quickly as possible. You have to be stood on the objective to collect points and kill the enemy team to keep them from coming to the point. This was the hardest game mode and most frustrating because the objective is very open so you’re always being fired at.

There are over 35 Champions to buy and play as. I really like the selection of characters available who each use different weapons and abilities depending on their role. It makes each Champion feel unique and when you try out one you have not played yet it is so much fun learning. 

There are four roles that divide the characters including: Damage, Front Line, Flankers, and Support. All the games are 5v5 so ideally the team will have four players divided up into each role and one wild card. I really like this because it can really change how your team plays. Another thing that I like is that you don’t always need all four roles in a team and sometimes it can throw the enemy team off. 

Another way to make yourself effective in battle is by choosing cards and talents that compliment your play style and the character’s abilities and role. You have a few talents and cards to choose from that increase the effectiveness of your abilities and can raise your stats. Cards are a great feature. You have five card slots each starting at level 1 and you can upgrade a card to level 5. You have a maximum of 15 levels which makes you have to trial and test to get the levels just right. 

Even though the game gets compared to Overwatch and does have its similarities I really like the game modes available in Paladins. One of my biggest problems with the game is that the characters have skins available. However, a lot of them are event skins so there isn’t much choice for new players or anyone who doesn’t want to pay out during an event. Other than that the game is incredibly fun and the community was really supportive. 

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