Bare Knuckle Development (BKD) would like to inform you that Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo was developed from the ground up by a solo developer; Ste Wilson. BKD are a 2-person studio but in the case of Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo only half of the studio created the game. Ste Wilson wrote the code, developed the game mechanics, created the graphics and animations, wrote and recorded the music and sound FX, and ported the game to multiple platforms including PS4™ and Nintendo Switch™.

“It’s been my dream since a child to release a game on a major console platform like PlayStation, Nintendo, or Xbox” said Ste Wilson of BKD. “After hearing how people enjoyed the blend of retro and modern mechanics in the original Space Blaster game I decided to go for it and I can’t wait to see it launch, it’s quite scary and surreal but also feels like a massive achievement.”

After the original, much smaller, none-turbo edition of the game received some good reviews on Steam and gaming websites Ste decided to massively expand the game to include more game modes, more space blasters, upgradable weapons, more challenges, and more music. The ‘Turbo Edition’ was born and slotted for a 14th January release on PS4™, Nintendo Switch™, and Steam(Win/Lin/Mac).

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